5783 candle lighting at a glance having problems.

Esther Rachael 7 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 7 months ago 4

Love the hebcal candle lighting at a glance calendar. Use it every year. But this year it is having trouble holding onto my ZIP code.  Worse, it is only showing 5782. The arrows at the bottom are not changing the year, either forward nor backward. Is it me, or are others also having this problem? What can we do? Need the calendar!


We've done a bit of investigation and have not been able to reproduce the problem. We tested on a Windows 11 desktop PC (unfortunately we don't have access to a Windows 10 PC) and tried with 3 browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and can't seem to reproduce.

Here's the link for 5783 candle lighting at a glance for Manchester, CT 06040. Can you try this link?


Thanks for responding so quickly, Michael. Here is the information you were looking for:
- I use a Windows 10 desktop PC. 

- My browser is Chrome.
- My ZIP Code is 06040.

PLEASE NOTE: I have no use of my hands, so I operate the computer by voice using Dragon Naturally Speaking 15. Once in a while Dragon will be incompatible with something, but most of the time it works. And I have been downloading and printing this calendar for many years with no problem.
I have been trying to get screenshots for you, but it has been frustrating. I am sending two shots where I have put in my ZIP Code and then it disappears as soon as I move the mouse to a different location. For the Selection of Years button at the bottom, my arrow cursor arrow is touching the date (no finger indicating an active link). But when I paste the screenshot into Word or PDF, the cursor is gone. So only the Back To 5781 and the Forward To 5783 buttons appear. 
Excuse my ignorance, but I do not see an icon to attach my Word or PDF document. Do you still need them, or use my description sufficient?
I hope this helps.

Thanks for using Hebcal, and we're so sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with the candle lighting year-at-a-glance page. 

We aren't able to reproduce the problem, but we'd like to help out as other could be having the same issue. Could you send us some additional information to help us diagnose the possible cause of the problem?

* Desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile phone?

* If regular computer, which operating system? (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, etc)

* Which web browser? (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc)

* What's the ZIP code you're using?

* Include any screen captures of the page so we can see how the arrows at the bottom are showing up