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Reading dates for the Five Megillot

etayluz 8 months ago updated by Michael J. Radwin 8 months ago 1

The Eicha (Book of Lamentations) reading is coming up on Tisha B'Av Saturday night August 6, 2022 following Shabbat.

Michael, could you kindly include a csv (ranging years 5780 to 5793) for the Five Megillot which contains reading dates for Book of Lamentations (Eicha - Tisha B'Av), Book of Esther (Purim), Song of Songs (Sabbath of Passover), Book of Ruth (Shavuot), and Ecclesiastes (Sukkot)

Are these books read in their entirety or are only some of their chapters read?

Under review

Hi Etay, thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider this excellent idea but will make no promises to implement it soon. 

Although Hebcal has been offering Torah Reading & Haftarot for many years, we haven't made it our mission to include the calendar data for every event related to davening and leyning. The addition of the five megillot is a great suggestion, and could certainly help leyning coordinators with their task.

Regarding what exactly is read in synagogue, you may wish to consult a "pocket luach" which contains detailed information. For example, on Shavuot we read both Ruth and also אַקְדָמוּת (Akdamut). For example, Rabbi Miles Cohen's Luach Hashanah is used at my home synagogue.